Turning Inserts Cover Various Materials, Conditions

Dormer Pramet offers a line of new Pramet chipbreakers and grades.

Dormer Pramet offers a line of new Pramet chipbreakers and grades. The NF1 and NF2 positive chipbreakers support turning applications in stainless steel, while the FF2, FM2 and RM3 chipbreakers support steel and cast iron. The SF2 and SF3 positive inserts are effective for S-group materials and high-performance alloys.

The NF1 is a universal chipbreaker for fine to medium machining, peripherally ground to provide a very good surface finish. The versatile NF2 incorporates a small stabilizing T land and covers applications from ranging from light roughing to semi-finishing.

The FF2 chipbreaker has a positive rake angle and depth of cut ranging from 0.01" for fine finishing applications in low-carbon steels. The FM2 chipbreaker is for finishing to medium machining and features a protective land suitable for continuous and interrupted operations. The highly-resistant RM3 chipbreaker is for roughing applications in steels and cast irons under unfavorable machining conditions.

The SF2 and SF3 positive inserts are designed to provide a highly secure and dependable option for turning S-group materials and high-performance alloys, the company says. The SF2 is for fine turning at the lowest possible feeds, while the SF3, with its positive inclined cutting edge, supports finishing operations. Said to be especially effective when used on small and slender components, both inserts offer sharp cutting edges with minimal radii. The result is low cutting forces that prevent work hardening and ensure high-quality surface finish.

Topping off this new Pramet offering is the T7325 grade for productive machining of stainless steels. It has been developed to complement the existing T7335 grade for use in unstable machining environments. Suitable for interrupted cutting, the T7325 grade features a functional gradient substrate and special MT-CVD coating. This combination offers high cutting strength, reduced built-up edge and resistance to the formation of cracks. As a result, the grade provides a high level of operational reliability, performance and tool life, the company says.

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