Turning/Grinding Center Cuts Processing Time

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The Stratos series is the latest offering in CNC multitasking centers from Studer Schaudt.

A compact design combines dual processing - turning and internal/external grinding - and integrated material handling in a single machine, in one setup. According to the company, what results are shorter cycle times, greater throughput and improved part quality because of reduced component handling. Also, multiple setups and operations are reduced. As many as four workstations deliver a solution for turning and grinding bores, diameters and end faces in one clamping. Features such as a vertical part pickup and integrated part handling make integration into new or existing manufacturing systems possible.

The number of workstations and workpiece sizes define each of three Stratos models. The Stratos S, for example, is useful for rapid processing of large batches and has two workstations, accommodating workpieces up to 100 mm in diameter. Chuck diameters range from 125 mm to 210 mm. The Stratos M provides processing with as many as four workstations; for example, two stations for turning, one for external cylindrical grinding and one for internal circular grinding or honing.   The workpiece capacity is up to 150 mm, and chuck diameters range from 210 mm to 260 mm. The Stratos L has as many as three workstations and is equipped to handle workpieces up to 200 mm. Chuck diameters range from 260 mm to 320 mm.

Other features include a maximum swing of 380 mm; X axis travel of 1,050 mm to 1,750 mm; a “low-noise” linear drive motor; and a rapid traverse rate of 60 m/min. The Z axis travel is 250 mm, with X- and Z- resolution of 0.0001 mm.

Of special interest is the turning system, which features manually-activated block-type lathe tools mounted to the machine bed pedestal. The company says these provide deep cuts and short cycle times. The conventional high-speed or CBN tools are can be changed and vertical turning is said to facilitate chip control and removal.


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