Twin-Turret, Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe

Suited for machining complex medical and aerospace components, the ECAS 32T Swiss-type automatic lathe features a twin-turret configuration combined with an eight-position backworking toolpost. The machine incorporates manufacturer Star Micronics’ motion control system as well as an 11-axis control configuration.


The machine’s twin-turret configuration enables simultaneous turning, milling and drilling. The lower first turret is two-axis controlled (X, Y), and the upper second turret is three-axis controlled (X, Y, Z). Each has 10 stations. C-axis control is provided for both main and subspindles. In addition, deep-hole drilling is available on front and back sides with the machine’s high-pressure coolant unit. Long parts can be supported in a single chucking with a revolving guide bush unit. Chucking force of the main and sub collets is automatically adjusted.


According to the company, mounting multiple tool units on the twin turrets can reduce tool-change time, and the machine’s custom motion control system reduces idle time. The backworking toolpost is equipped with a tool-drive unit and allows diversified secondary machining operations such as slotting and polygon machining. Additionally, the machine is capable of turning on the back side.   

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