Two Grinding Machines In One

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For smaller automotive workpieces, the company is offering an alternative to parallel machining. Juflex is essentially a cell with two grinding machines in one. It is said to enable independent or synchronized machining, with two carriages in two grinding cycles, doubling production. Another advantage, according to the company, is floor space savings. Any machines in its 3000 mid-range series can be connected to create the cell--two machine bases, two hoods, one control system--with a grinding envelope in each module of about 32" x 12". The workpieces are transported by means of an internal loading/unloading gantry. The machine is useful for automotive transmission shafts and other similarly sized cylindrical parts. The options range from non-round, round, pre- and finished grinding, cam grinding, concave geometries, face and lead-free grinding. The use of two to six spindles makes these operations possible. Input and monitoring is accomplished via the EJ-OP operator panel.

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