Two-Megapixel Vision Sensor

The In-Sight 5403 captures full-frame, 1600 x 1200 images at speeds as high as 15 frames per second to provide detailed inspection of fast moving objects, says manufacturer Cognex Corporation.


The increased resolution provides accuracy for precision gaging, alignment and fine-defect inspection of small parts. By capturing images of larger parts or viewing multiple objects simultaneously, the two-megapixel vision sensor performs inspections that may have previously required multiple sensors. Alternatively, the product can be mounted farther from the part while maintaining the required resolution to offer working distance flexibility.


As with the company’s other 5000 series sensors, the 5403 is self-contained and meets IEC specifications for shock and vibration, achieving an IP67 (Nema 6) rating for dust and wash-down protection. Other features include built-in Ethernet communications and In-Sight Explorer software that combines the vision spreadsheet interface with tools designed to simplify application development and network administration.