Ultra-High Performance Cylindrical Grinder

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The CSC-4010-H from Grintimate Precision Industry Co. Ltd. is a hydraulically driven, auto-feed cylindrical grinding machine for plunge grinding, traverse grinding, and tapered or contoured grinding. It has brilliant performance with many technical features such as the patented Weibo Precision hydrostatic bearing technology, the revolutionary machine bed analyzed by Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) and the high-precision, backlash-free structure.

It is suitable for grinding various precision mirror-finish workpieces in individual and serial production. It is easy to mount with a wide variety of ancillary equipment to meet diverse grinding requirements.

Grintimate is committed to providing customers with the best turnkey solutions. Each machine is quality controlled at assembly step and strictly tested prior to shipping.

  • Innovative Hydrostatic Bearing Spindle System Concepts
    The patented hydrostatic bearing spindle technology ensures high-speed operations with high machining accuracy. Specially made for precision grinding applications, it offers high accuracy, high dynamic stiffness, no friction between metals, low heat generation, excellent damping capability and durable service life.

  • High-Precision Hydrostatic Grinding Spindle
    The hydrostatic bearing spindle uses high-pressure fluid with special hydraulic unit to provide high damping and uncompressible oil film. This maintains high oil film stiffness, ensuring the "floating" effect and eliminating friction between metal parts at standby, grinding and shut-down mode. The major performance features include high precision, high rigidity, high bearing capacity and long-term service. The error averaging effect can achieve the best damping with friction-free performance and spindle runout quality under 0.5 microns. It requires almost no maintenance and adjustment.

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