United Grinding Expands ID Grinding Capabilities

Studer’s CT 730L internal cylindrical grinding machine is suited for small- to medium-sized ID grinding applications.

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United Grinding has increased its ID grinding product line with the CT internal cylindrical grinding machine series, which features eight machines including the CT 730L. The CT product line is ideal for small- to medium-sized ID grinding applications, such as die plates, spring collets, toolholding fixtures, hydraulic components, and thread ring gages composed of hard materials such as tool steel, carbide, ceramics and glass.
Other ID grinding products include the Studer S120, S145 and S151. The complete lineup offers a solution for workpieces of virtually all sizes and materials. The Studer S120 features a compact footprint and is well-suited for applications such as carbon sleeves, hydraulic valve components, fuel-injector parts and other small, precision components, the company says. The Studer S145 is designed for medium-sized workpieces such as high-precision tooling, bearings, gears and mold components. The powerful Studer S151 grinds large, complex parts such as turbine rotors and vanes, gears and automotive transmission components.