Universal Grinding Machine With Various Wheelhead Configurations

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The Kel-Vita is a universal ID/OD grinding machine that accommodates workpieces as long as 1,000 mm. It features numerous wheelhead configurations, low-friction linear rails and a CNC control. The grinding machine is offered in three models: Kel-Vita 600, Kel-Vita 800 and Kel-Vita 1000, with the number representing the between-centers capacity in mm. Center height is 175 mm for all machines. The selection from eight different grinding wheelhead types provides flexibility for customers to design their specific machine configuration, the company says. UR and URS wheelheads feature a swiveling design with one internal and two external grinding wheels. The machine is capable of performing multiple processes, including external diameters, opposed faces, bores, tapers, polygons, tapered non-rounds and thread grindingall in a single chucking. Other wheelhead configurations include OD only (R) and OD and face (RS). Grinding wheels with 500 mm ODs can be used. According to the company, the combination of low-friction, X-axis guideways and wear-resistant Z-axis linear guide rails provide precision, rigidity and cushioning qualities. The stiff linear bearing in the X axis is built to form the basis for high performance and dynamics, thus affording precision in circular and non-circular grinding. Rapid traverse rates are 20 m/min on the longitudinal axis (Z) and 10 m/min on the in-feed axis (X). The swivel-mount GE-Fanuc 310is-A control with Windows CE is designed for easy setup, programming and tool management. ISO programming support via icons and help images is included. The control includes graphic programming capabilities for cylinders, radii, chamfers, cones, tapers, non-round ODs and IDs (elliptical profiles), contours and outlines.