Universal Turning Machine For Simultaneous Machining

The Index IT600 universal turning machine is designed for small to medium batches of automotive and mechanical parts.

The Index IT600 universal turning machine is designed for small to medium batches of automotive and mechanical parts. The machine is capable of simultaneous machining by two turrets, upper and lower.


An open work area and vertical machine bed enable fast set up for turning parts as long as 600 mm and ranging to 380 mm in diameter. A 65-mm spindle provides 352 Nm of torque and speeds as fast as 4,000 rpm. The symmetrical machine design provides temperature stability for production, and the cast iron machine bed ensures stability and rigidity.


An intelligent Y axis permits surface milling, off-center drilling and off-center deep hold drilling. The Y axis is generated through the combination of the indexing axis of the turret and the C axis of the spindle, enabling almost unlimited positioning of driven tools, according to the company.


A multifunctional turret or programmable tailstock can be selected for shaft machining. The multifunctional turret enables internal machining plus a tailstock function. Tool turret 1, the upper turret, includes a 14-station VD130 tool complement with up to seven driven tools. For complete machining, the turret has an additional CNC indexing axis (A axis) to ensure concentricity of the tailstock center with the workpiece. The optional multifunction 10-station turret for shaft and internal machining of holes ranging to 330 mm includes an NC tailstock function and is mounted horizontally in the lower position.


The machine is available with a range of handling capabilities including an integrated receiving tray to an external loading gantry, depending on part geometry and batch size. The machine can automatically handle shafts as long as 1,500 m and ranging to 65 mm in diameter, and flange-type parts as long as 70 mm and ranging to 120 mm in diameter. The machine can also be gantry loaded. A FANUC 32i model B control features a CNC keyboard, axis and spindle override, and a 10.4" TFT color display.

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