Updated Inspection System

LaserQC was introduced five years ago. Since then, the company has updated the hardware and software of this flat-part inspection system.

Updates include a calibration process, which is said to improve accuracy; reference disks that allow metal fabricators to measure parts with poor edge condition, bend locations and 3D feature slopes; and a direct digitization feature that enables users to draw on a part with the laser to determine the accurate position of a part feature that may not be detected by a regular scan.

The part stabilizer is a system that places a part between the glass cover and the support glass, forcing the part to confirm to the flat surface. According to the company, this results in the accuracy of the scan being independent of the flatness of the original part.

Other features include a composite feature inspection, which is said to expedite the measurement of bolt-hole patterns and similar concentric feature sets as well as the optimized multiple scanning process, which has the capacity to scan parts as thick as 8" or 200 mm.