Updated Software Version Includes Enhancements for Punching

Vero offers an updated edition of its Radan sheet metal CAD/CAM software, 2012R2.

Vero offers an updated edition of its Radan sheet metal CAD/CAM software, 2012R2. The update features enhancements for Radbend and punching.
Radbend includes an updated way of storing face, edge and vertex details, enabling data to be repeatedly transferred between Radan and the Radbend press brake software. According to the company, Radbend is able to recognize similarities between parts, and automatically re-program known parts.
An enhanced punching function enables sheets to be automatically cut off on punching and combination machines to create offcuts. Tagging methods secure the remnant in place while unloading the sheet skeleton. The order mode tool list includes visual feedback to show whether the state of the tool is “not processed,” “partially processed,” and “all processed.” According to the company, the tool selection is more intuitive, activating on selection to enable re-draw.
The software has also been enhanced. The rectangular nesting algorithm for single parts shows increases in material utilization. The user can specify the columns visible in the nest lists, enabling custom part properties to be used to group, sort and identify parts. Certain attributes are machine-specific, so that they hold different values for different machine tools. Values calculated by Quick Estimates are now stored and can be shown on the nest layout drawings, html setup sheets and nest project reports.

The company also offers two new programs: Radm-ax, a five-axis programming system for multi-axis laser or waterjet cutting machines, and Radtube, a programming software for rotary and multi-axis cutting machines.