Upgraded Actuator

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The company introduces their RCP2 robo cylinder, an alternative to air cylinders. The cylinder's controller performs up to 64-point positioning and enables complex movements. Speeds can be changed during slider/rod movement and positioning repeatability is held to ±0.02 mm.

The cylinder’s 73-mm wide aluminum base is said to provide nearly triple the load capacity of its previous model. And while its base is wider, the company has reduced the size of the cylinder’s controller. About half the volume of its original model, the 35"(w) × 163"(h) × 68.1"(d) controller saves installation space. The company says the thin head (35 mm) of the cylinder's rod type can reduce the overall equipment size.

Other features of the cylinder include low maintenance and programmable push force. The company says the cylinder costs 67 percent less to operate compared to air cylinders. And because the cylinder is an electric actuator, the company says relative power consumption is about 1/3 compared to the power required to operate an air cylinder.

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