Upgraded Robot With Intelligent Function Enhancements

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Available from Fanuc Robotics America, Inc., the R-2000iB is a multi-purpose robot useful for a variety of applications, including welding, assembly, part transfer, material removal and machine loading. Variations include a 165 kg base model, a high payload version and a rack-mount model. The robot’s slim arm and wrist assembly is designed to reduce interference with system equipment and enable it to work in small spaces.


The product uses an R-J3iC robot controller equipped with a vibration-control function. According to the company, reduced vibration enables the robot to accelerate and decelerate quickly, reducing cycle time. The robot also is equipped with a number of intelligent functions such as Robot Link, which controls and coordinates as many as 10 units through a network exchange of positional data. A Radar Monitoring Function for allows the unit to exchange current positional data and motion information to prevent interference in multi-robot applications. Other features include the company’s Vision Shift function, which adjusts an offline program to an actual robot program.


The unit is compatible with its predecessor, the R-2000iA. It features the same workspace, installation, mounting interface, operation and programming as the older robot. According to the company, these features make it easy for manufacturers to upgrade to the new model.

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