Vacuum Makes Old Coolant Useable Again

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Abanaki’s Chiperator chip and coolant separation system is said to bring new life to old coolant filled with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers. The air-driven system vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips out of machine tool sumps into a 55-gallon drum where it then separates the chips from the coolant, returning filtered coolant to the machine sump. The entire operation takes less than two minutes to complete.


Operators can vacuum coolant laden with chips, swarf and muck, and the system strains the unwanted solids. When combined with the optional Mighty Mini oil skimmer, the system will cleanse the coolant of tramp oils.


According to the company, key features include the capability to strain 40 gallons of chips and coolant per minute; the system can act as a vacuum and a pump; disposable filter bags; the filtering out of chips and shavings from plastic, steel, aluminum and ceramic; equipped with a float valve to automatically shut off unit when drum is full; and an automatic pressure relief valve has been added for safety.


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