Variable Frequency Drives

New Product From: 12/3/2004 Modern Machine Shop

The F700 series of variable frequency drives (VFD) can handle motors ranging from 1 hp to 800 hp. The inverter features the latest version of the company’s software, which is designed to increase motor efficiency and conserve energy.

Suitable for a range of applications, the series is available for either 200 V or 400 V supplies. According to the company, each VFD can handle up to 4 pump or fan motors, resulting in shorter payback times. 

Programming is made possible by a jog dial that provides to any of its 400 parameters. The VFD also incorporates an Optimum Excitation control system that tracks and displays energy and dollar savings in real-time. Protective features keep the drive running despite fluctuations or interruptions in power. 


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