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New Product Announcements From: 12/6/2005 Modern Machine Shop

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. offers an assortment of products that are appropriate for small-parts machining and the medical industry. The company’s powRgrip collet system incorporates a toolholder and collet to generate high clamping forces when compared to shrink-fit holders and hydraulic chucks. It also features a dynamic dampening effect, which, according to the company, can improve surface finishes. In addition to offering runout of 0.0001" or better, the system can extend tooling life when cutting complex medical components.


Part of the company’s ER collet series, the Ultra Precision (UP) collets are offered in standard and metric sizes, ranging from the ER 8 series to the ER 50 series. This selection is said to accurately clamp tool shanks ranging from 0.0079" (0.2 mm) to 1.3386" (34.0 mm). Tolerances of 0.0002"or better are possible.




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ERIX tool saves up to 90% of the manufacturing time on back spotfacing and chamfering operations.
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