Versatile Barfeed For Production Turning

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The OmniZip rear-end loader is designed to increase the productivity of OmniTurn’s GT-75 and GT-Jr. lathes, which are useful for high-volume precision turning. The loader is capable of feeding multiple short parts or one longer part. Users can easily install the loader by bolting it to the back of the machine and plugging it into a simple interface, the company says. With part-to-part load time of 5 seconds, the unit can handle barstock as long as 24". It can perform standard bar feed operations; load individual parts from standard infeed racks for secondary operations; and load individual parts from optional, high-volume add-ons. Available with a bowl feed adapter and a loader-mounted bin that holds as many as 1,000 parts, the unit is 2' wide and adds 5' to the overall length of the machine. The bar feed's open construction makes it simple to maintain, and it can be easily removed for storage or moved from machine to machine, the company says.

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