Vertical Machining Center Provides Stability


The company has introduced its XV series vertical machining center. The machine is said to provide productivity, stability and accuracy for a variety of job shop applications. Applications for use include automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and mold making, the company says.


The machining center is built to handle tight-tolerance jobs.   Featuring an isolated direct drive, the spindle motor is directly coupled to the spindle. According to the company, this virtually eliminates noise, backlash and vibration normally found on spindles driven by belts or gears.


Three XV models are driven by a newly developed FANUC, high torque vector drive AC spindle motor with a 10,000 rpm maximum speed rate. Table sizes range from 27.6" × 16.5" to 53.1" × 20.4", with load capacities as high as 660 lbs to 2,200 lbs.


Additional features include servomotors with absolute encoder; a high speed swing-arm ATC system; and a random access/bi-directional tool magazine.