Vertical Machining Center(2)

The company says its Duracenter 5 combines high performance machining with reliability. 


By using Direct Drive Spindle motor gearless technology, the full power of the spindle is applied at speeds. The No. 40 taper spindle reaches its maximum speed of 12,000 rpm in 1.1 seconds. With a tool-to-tool time of 1.0 second, the automatic tool changer is said to increase productivity.


The machining center features a rapid traverse rate of 945 ipm on all axes. The 43.3" × 23.6" worktable handles workpieces weighing up to 1,760 lbs.


An interior chip removal system uses a coolant wash to remove chips from the machine. A pair of spiral-type chip conveyors move chips from inside the machine.

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