Vertical Turning Center Features Machining Center Flexibility

With a 1,600-mm table, the VTC 1600 vertical turning center can be equipped with a vertical live spindle attachment with C-axis and a right-angle live spindle attachment. Like other machines from manufacturer Giddings&Lewis, the turning center is modular in design, allowing users to fit the machine to their requirements. Choices include column heights, ram travels, table/chuck configurations, enclosures, coolant systems, controls, pallet systems, attachments and options such as tool and part probes.


The milling, drilling and tapping operations of the optional live spindle attachment, along with the 360,000-position C-axis table, provide machining center flexibility, the company says. In addition, the live spindle right-angle head enables milling, drilling and tapping on the outside of a part, which can reduce the number of required part setups. The head is stored in the tool magazine for easy head changes.


Four-axis vertical turning centers include two rams and heads to allow simultaneous cutting. Users can rough with one head and finish with the other, perform OD and ID operations at the same time or drill symmetrical bolt-hole patterns with the two live spindles. Full X-axis travel left and right of center enables users to cut on both sides of the center. More time is spent in the cut, and fewer tool changes are required, the company says. In addition, this feature permits part-diameter probing for improved measurement accuracy.

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