Vertical Turning Center for Aluminum Wheel Cutting

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Do your current cutting machines allow you to bid on new aluminum wheel jobs? We can see you shaking your head.

Hyundai Wia’s new high-performance LV800AW-TT vertical turning center is the best-performing machine in the aluminum wheel automation lineup. With a maximum aluminum wheel processing capacity of 21.5 inches, this machine can take on just about any wheel design.

Key features include:

  • Two-turret, high-speed aluminum wheel processing

  • ACC servomotor-based speed control and minimized shock at shut-down

  • Built-in, high-precision spindle for optimal accuracy

  • Automatic chuck changer with high-speed, 180-degree index rotation

  • Rigid, roller-type LM guideway

Designed with automation in mind, combining the LV800AW-TT with Hyundai Wia’s robotics and conveyor system turns your single cutting machine into a complete aluminum wheel manufacturing system.

Learn more by visiting the company’s showroom.

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