Vertical Vise For Wire EDM

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The newly designed H4537 vertical vise works with the company's Fixturing System 4000. The vise provides quick and positive clamping of one or two independent workpieces in the same setup with twice the holding strength of similar devices, the company says.

Two separate clamping jaws require only the turning of a central screw for tightening. No supporting spacers or jackscrews are needed as with toe-clamp type devices, according to the company. The clamping jaws were designed for minimal obstruction above the top of the workpiece.

The clamping jaws have two workpiece height ranges, 0 to 21 mm and 21 to 41 mm. The latter clamping height is achieved by removing the clamping jaws and re-inserting them upside down. Also available are optional height-extending clamping jaws that extend the clamping range up to 41 to 61 mm.

Removable positive side stops are standard on both sides of the vise for quick alignment of repetitive workpieces.