Vibration-Resistant Servomotor Features Expanded Mounting Options

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As much as 30 percent smaller than Siemens’ 1FT6 servomotors, the 1FT7 line of synchronous servomotors feature increased torque and encoder attachments. According to the company, the medium-inertia motors can be replaced in the field without adjustment. Designed to withstand vibration, the servomotors are said to operate without oscillations. In addition, the encoder technology integrates with the company’s Simodrive and Sinamics drives.


Constructed with the flange on the drive end, the servomotors have flat surfaces on top for expanded mounting options. The overload is 4 × MO (self-cooled) to frame size 100. In addition to self-cooling, the motors can be cooled through forced ventilation or water cooling through the company’s Cool Jets.


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