Vibratory Bowls For Deburring And Polishing

The Walther Trowal DD (Direct Drive) Series of vibratory finishers is meant for many mass finishing applications from vigorous deburring to gentle polishing and can process a range of parts sizes. The flat bottom work bowl and profile separation gate provides trouble-free discharge of parts and media onto the 90-degree wrap around screen, while direct drive operation and lifetime lubricated bearings make for a lower maintenance machine, according to the company.

The work bowl features a high, wear-resistant cast polyurethane lining. Activated by a hand lever or pneumatic cylinder, the opening between the bowl bottom and the separation gate allows for large components to be processed. Extra long separation screens with a 90-degree wrap around and a standard, large media unload outlet facilitate internal separation of parts and media, the company says.

The series features several models ranging from the Model 110, which has a gross volume of 4.0 cubic feet, a working volume of 2.6 cubic feet, and 243 square inch screen surface to the Model 1200 which boasts a 30.0 cubic fee gross volume, a working volume of 23.8 cubic feet and a screen surface of 1,314 square inches. The finishers also offer an optional noise reduction hood and flyweight adjustment.