Video Measurement System With Automatic Edge Detection

Available from the L.S. Starrett Co., the Galileo EZ is a video-based measurement solution for general-purpose QA inspection, manufacturing and R&D non-contact measurement applications. It features live video camera feed and automatic edge detection via the Metronics QC300 Digital Readout. This readout allows video edge detection that automatically detects and targets edge points by scanning the image area within a circle around the crosshairs on the display.


The measurement system is equipped with a mechanical bearing with an XYZ measuring stage of 8" × 4" × 6" or 12" × 6" × 5". It features six-to-one zoom video optics, a dual-output 150-W fiber optic illumination for the fiber optic ring light and a collimated sub-stage light. The system’s granite base is designed to ensure system accuracy of E1=2.5+7L/100 and XY resolution of 0.00002”. On a 15" monitor, zoom magnification is 6.5 to 1. The maximum workload is 20 lbs. Options include ½× to 2× auxillary lenses, 150-mm line standard for system calibration verification, co-axial illumination and a three-light illuminator.

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