Vise-Attachable Fixture Plate

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The MVP1482 is the first in a family of customizable vise fixtures. The product offers customizable workholding and repeatable setups while potentially increasing small- to medium-parts workflow, says Horse of Iron, Inc. The fixture plate takes advantage of a 6" machine vise by using the vise base and clamping mechanism—without requiring pins, fasteners or dialing-in. Using the product can be as simple as removing the moveable vise jaw, says the company. The plate replaces the moveable vise jaw and is locked into place by tightening the vise. Users can revert to a traditional vise without having to setup again. Switching to and from the fixture can be accomplished in as little as 3 minutes.


Specifications include stainless steel, precision-ground and hardened clamping pin; stainless steel hardware, reusability—the 2" thick fixture can be remachined for different jobs, 0.001" repeatability and the necessary rigidity for heavy machining of medium to large parts.


According to the company, the simplicity of the design means that low-cost vises can be used as a base for a flexible, readily-accessible pallet system. The company is currently developing variations of this fixture to accommodate a wider range of machine shop needs.




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