VMC Allows Heavy, Precision Cutting

The FV series, the company’s second generation of VMCs, is designed for better performance and reliability. It is said to deliver a larger table size, increased stroke, higher table capacity and more torque than the previous machine series. The high speed, linear guide and boxway VMCs offer a range of spindle options for precision and heavy-cutting applications. The series ranges from 6,000 to 15,000 rpm and is said to provide thermal stability and maximum vibration-dampening characteristics. The large precision spindle bearings increase rigidity and sustain higher load capacities, the company says. The upgraded VMC series has a cast iron base and column, which provide rigidity and durability for high speed machining applications. Many high-torque and direct-drive spindle configurations are available in both 40- and 50-taper versions. The series also includes a conversational control.

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