VMC Combines Precision, Stability and Speed

The company says its D series vertical machining centers offers a flexible solution for mixed volume, short run operations and high-volume applications.

Built to provide large machining capacity, the D 1000 features a work envelope of 40.2" (X) x 20.1"(Y) x 25.2" (Z), a table work surface of 48" x 18.1”and a compact 11' x 9' footprint. Rapid traverse rates of 1,181 imp (X- Y- and Z-axis) translate to accelerated machine cycle times, according to the company.

Servomotors directly coupled to high-precision ballscrews provide acceleration and deceleration performance as well as precise feed movement. The automatic tool changer, which features a bi-directional selection mode, 22-tool capacity, and a 5.5 second station-to-station index time, is also said to minimize cycle time. (An optional double-arm ATC with a horizontal disk and 30-tool capacity offers an l.8 second tool change.)

The headstock as well as the upper and lower tables travel on automatically lubricated ballscrew-driven linear guides, offering precise positioning, accuracy and repeatability. The belt-driven, cartridge-style headstock features a 20-hp GE AC spindle motor with a variable high-speed drive. Options such as No. 40 taper spindles with capabilities of 6 to 6,000 rpm or 10,000 rpm are also available.

Other standard features include a fully automated lubrication system and coolant system; a pneumatic spindle taper cleaning system; and GE Fanuc 21i control. The company says the CNC is ideal for operators with varying levels of experience, as it simplifies the transition from manual programming to G code programming. The 2i has built-in machining cycles for slots, grooving, drilling, boring, threading, contouring and helical interpolation.


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