VMC Designed For High Accuracy


The company’s V22 vertical machining center is designed for small part, high-accuracy machining. It has the capabilities to machine complex materials, including ceramics, as well as intricate cores and cavities.


This addition to the company’s line of die/mold machining centers offers a standard 11.3-hp continuous, 40,000-rpm spindle, which is complemented by the core cooling and under-race lubrication system.


The X-axis of 12.6" (320 mm), Y-axis of 11" (280 mm) and Z-axis of 11.8" (300 mm) operate in a work zone and table size of 17.7" × 13.8" (450 mm × 350 mm). The slideway provides for 787-ipm (20,000 mm/min) rapid traverse and cutting feed rates.


It is equipped to handle a 220-lb (100 kg) load and maximum 17.7-inch (450 mm) × 18.7-inch (475 mm) × 7-inch (200 mm) workpiece. The machine features an HSK-E32 spindle interface with a standard 30-tool automatic tool changer. A 60-tool changer and a hybrid, automatic tool length measuring device (ATLM) are optional. The ATLM positions the tool tip accurately to achieve superior finished surfaces with minimal level differences, the company says. The tool tip position is measured with a low-contact pressure probe, while the spindle nose position is measured with a non-contact sensor.


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