VMC Designed For Vibration Dampening And Rigidity

Republic Lagun CNC offers the VMC 6030, which is equiped with Heidenhain glass scales for X- and Y-axis positioning. For vibration dampening and rigidity, the machine features four box ways to provide contact over a large surface area. The machine table can accommodate workpieces weighing as much as 4,500 lbs. Rapid traverse is 1,200 ipm in the X and Y axes, and spindle torque can reach 1,175 foot-pounds at 173 rpm. The machine is also equipped with a double chip conveyor and a washdown system for more efficient chip collection. Other features include as much as 2,200 lbs of tool clamping force, a spindle chiller system with a 1.32-gallon capacity and AC brushless digital servo drives.     

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