VMC Features Drill/Tap Functionality

According to manufacturer Hurco, the VM1P VMC’s fast rapids, fast tool changes and the ability to tap at 4,000 rpm, provide it with the speed and reliability required for production machining. It features a fine-grain, cast iron C-frame as well as large linear rails that are wedge-locked instead of face-milled for vibration control.


With X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 26" × 14" × 18", the machine has a 30" × 14" table that can accommodate 750 lbs. Rapid traverse is 1,181 ipm in the X and Y axes and 945 ipm in the Z axis. The 5.5-hp spindle can reach 25 foot-pounds of torque at 1,500 rpm, and rigid tapping speeds can reach 4,000 rpm. Positioning is ±0.0002", and repeatability is ±0.0001". The machine’s 20-station, swing-arm ATC has a chip-to-chip time of less than 3 seconds.



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