VMC Features Simple Control Software, Small Footprint

Built for machining of molds and dies, aerospace components, medical components, impellers and automotive components, the VMX42SR five-axis VMC features a swivel head and horizontal rotary table. With XYZ axis travels of 42" × 24" × 24" and a small footprint, it can handle virtually any size application without the floorspace required by most five-axis machines, according to manufacturer Hurco. The machine's measures 140" wide, 85.8" deep and 109" high. 


In addition, the company says its WinMax control software has features that simplify five-axis machining. The tool center point management feature allows users to cut the same part on any location on the five-axis table without having to repost the program. Other feautures include true auto-interrupt/auto resume, which retracts the tool along an oriented tool axis and resumes right where the operator left off, and toolpath linearization, which eliminates unwanted loops cut on the part. Also, 3D Tool Geometry Compensation allows users to use different ballnose tool diameters for surface contouring for the same NC program.


The 32-hp spindle has a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. Maximum weight on table is 1,100 lbs, and rapid traverse is 1,378 ipm in the X and Y axes and 1,181 ipm in the Z axis. Repeatability is ±0.0001".


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