VMC For Precision-Milled Part Challenges

GBI Cincinnati offers the Feeler VM series as a solution to an array of precision-milled part challenges. The VMCs are designed for ultra-close tolerance precision mold work, as well as mixed-volume, short-run operations. They are also suited for dedicated high-volume applications.   With an X axis of 40" (31.5" on the VM 32s), Y axis of 20.5" and a Z axis of 22", the VMC combines high-performance milling and large machining capacity within a compact 9.2" (8.3" on the VM 32s) × 7.2" × 9.2" footprint. Table size is 45.3" (37.4" on the VM 32s) × 20.5". Maximum table load is 1,100 lbs and five table T-slots are standard.   Rapid traverse rates of 1,417-ipm (X and Y axes) and 1,102-ipm (Z axis) accelerate machine cycle times and reduced non-cut time, thereby increasing overall throughput. Also increasing cycle time is an automatic carousel-type turret offering a 7-second tool-to-tool index time. The turret holds 22 tools with a maximum tool weight of 17.5 lbs. Tool maximum diameter is 5.9" (3.14" on the VM 32s), and length is 11.8".   The VMCs include high-speed linear guideways in the X and Y axes and box ways in the Z axis. Positioning accuracy is 0.0004" and repeatability is 0.00024". A high-torque 25-hp AC GE Fanuc spindle motor with direct drive permits full horsepower at low spindle speeds. The 40-taper spindle delivers 50 to 10,000-rpm with semi-ceramic bearings to minimize heat. The headstock has been specifically designed to provide rigidity and precision cutting, even during full-power machining in steel.

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