VMC Offers 20,000-rpm Spindle

The Mikron HPM 600 HD offers three-axis milling, spindle speeds as fast as 20,000 rpm and high chip-removal rates, the company says. The VMC is constructed for high-performance cutting to meet the requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries. The VMC has a one-piece, polymer granite base to provide rigidity for cutting aluminum and steel alloys. The machine’s ribbed, cast iron worktable is designed with axially arranged T-slots for manual loading of diverse workpieces. The center is also equipped with a dual drive in the Y axis for increased stability.   According to the company, the machine’s high dynamics combine with StepTec spindle technology to deliver quality 3D surfacing results and high chip-removal rates. Two light, waist-high doors provide easy access to the working area and their scratch-proof windows allow a clear view of the machining area, the company says. The VMC has a 60-position ATC and a double-arm gripper that allows 2-second tool changes. It is available with a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control that offers an Ethernet connection; free contour and parallel programming; high speed functions; and an optional mobile handwheel. The integration of a pallet changer allows unattended machining in multi-shift operations.

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