VMC Offers Fifth-Axis Versatility for Small Parts

The DNM350/5AX VMC from Doosan produces parts as big as 15.7" in diameter by 13.2" high.

New Product Announcements From: 6/27/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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The DNM350/5AX VMC from Doosan produces parts as big as 15.7" in diameter by 13.2" high and features a factory-installed, fifth-axis rotary table to produce complex geometries with shorter cycles and greater accuracy.
The rotary table is equipped with double-lead worm and pinion gears that mesh fully along the length of the teeth. A pneumatic clamping device, working in conjunction with the table, is said to increase clamping forces by 250 percent and indexing speeds by 50 percent. The 13.8" × 13.8" table is supported in all positions with no table overhang, enabling high accuracy even when machining far from the tilting axis, the company says. The maximum table load is 550 lbs.
The VMC is constructed on a sturdy, fine-grain Meehanite casting for damping and heat dissipation. High-speed, high-precision linear motion guideways are used on all axes. Its spindle is driven by a 20-hp motor that generates speeds as high as 12,000 rpm for faster cycle times and finer finishes.

Maximum low-end torque is 78.2 foot-pounds. Cooling oil circulates around the spindle and bearings to maintain a constant temperature and minimize thermal deformation. A Big Plus dual-contact toolholding system provides contact between the machine spindle face and the toolholder flange face, and simultaneously between the machine spindle taper and the toolholder taper shank. According to the company, the result is higher rigidity, better ATC repeatability, improved surface finish and extended tool life. A double-arm ATC has a 30-tool capacity with options for 40 and 60 tools. Maximum sizes for the machine’s 40-taper tool system are 10.6" long and 17.8 lbs. Tool-to-tool change time is 1.3 sec. 

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