VMC Runs At High Speed Without Tool-Tip Vibration

Mori Seiki’s NV6000 DCG  is a mid-sized VMC developed for the LCD and automotive segments of the die and mold industry. According to the company, it can perform high speed machining operations with virtually no tool-tip vibration. In addition, the company says, the machine’s DCG (driven at the center of gravity) technology, which directs the net driving force through the center of the axis, improves surface finish, contouring accuracy and tool life.


The machine is equipped with five ballscrews—two on the Y axis, two on the Z axis and one on the X axis—that are designed to reduce vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. To avoid reducing its overall dynamic response, the machine incorporates twin ballscrews only when it provides benefit rather than using dual ballscrews in all three axes.


The machine achieves roundness of 1.6 micrometers in contouring. X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 35.4" × 23.6" × 17.7", and the No. 40 taper spindle has a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm. A maximum speed of 30,000 rpm is available as an option. The machine comes standard with a 20-tool capacity toolchanger, and 40- or 60-tool toolchangers are available as options. Tool-to-tool change time is 1.2 seconds.

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