VMCs Designed for High Performance, Reliability

Methods Machine tools offers the Feeler line of VMCs, which are manufactured by Fair Friend Group.

New Product From: 8/5/2010 Modern Machine Shop

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Methods Machine tools offers the Feeler line of VMCs, which are manufactured by Fair Friend Group. The line features engineering by Methods and is backed by the company’s application expertise, support and network of technology centers. The line includes the HV series, VB series and VMP series. 
The HV series includes the HV-800 and HV-1000 models, which feature 1G X-axis acceleration and 1.9-sec. tool change time and 800- or 1,000-mm X-axis travels. The X and Y axes are equipped with roller guideways. Other features include a 15,000-rpm, 30-hp, direct-drive, 40-taper spindle; a FANUC 18i-MB control with fourth-axis prep.; and a 30-tool ATC.
The boxway machines of the VB series feature high-torque, two-stage gearboxes and 40- or 50-taper spindles ranging from 15 to 30 hp. Models include the VB-900, VB-1100, VB-1300, VB-1400, VB-1650, VB-1900 and VB-2200. X-axis travels range from 35" to 87" (900 to 2,200 mm), Y-axis travels range from 24" to 39" (610 to 1,000 mm) and Z-axis travels range from 24" to 31.5" (600 to 800 mm). A 30-tool ATC and FANUC 0i-MD control are standard.
The VMP series includes the VMP-580, VMP-800 and VMP-1100 models with 10,000-rpm spindles ranging from 15 to 25 hp. The VMP-580 machine is also available in an APC pallet changer version. The machines feature linear guideways on the X and Y axes and boxways on the Z axis. X-axis travels range from 23" to 43" (580 to 1,100 mm), Y-Axis travels range from 16.5" to 24" (420 to 610 mm) and Z-axis travels range from 20" to 23.6" (510 to 600 mm). The VMP-580 features a 24-tool ATC, and the VMP-800 and VMP-1100 use a 30-tool ATC. A FANUC 0i-MD control is standard on the VMP series.

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