VMCs Designed For Machining Large Components

The GX 1300 and GX 1600 Performance VMCs offer large-scale machining capability for automotive, aerospace, medical, mold and die and general applications. These VMCs feature a thermally-stable spindle; a C-frame, fixed-column design; and fixed pre-tensioned, double-nut ballscrews on all axes. They have two guideways and six guide trucks on their X and Z axes and two guideways and four guide trucks on their Y axis. The linear guide and truck configuration is said to provide added stiffness and effective vibration damping.   The GX 1300 has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 51.18" × 27.55" × 25"; the GX 1600 has travels of 62.99" × 27.55" × 25". The table sizes for the GX 1300 and GX 1600 are 56" × 27.55" and 63.93" × 27.55", respectively. Table weight capacity for both is 3,300 lbs.   Both versions have a 34.8-hp spindle that provides 110 foot-pounds of torque and speed of 10,000-rpm (an optional 12,000-rpm spindle is available). Their 30-tool, side-mount/swing-arm ATC features random access, bidirectional indexing and chip-to-chip time of 4.5 seconds.

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