VMCs Feature 40-Taper Spindle

Mag Fadal’s FX series will be available with Infimatic Freedom NC200, a digital control designed specifically for metalcutting machine tool applications, with three intuitive navigation choices. The control is compatible with standard G code as well as part programs that have been created for the company’s CNC controls.


The company’s featured VMC 3016 FX and VMC 4020 FX include a 10,000-rpm air/oil 40-taper spindle, the coolant-through spindle feature and dual-arm toolchangers. A 24-tool capacity is available on the 4020, and a 20-tool capacity is available on the 3016.


Both machines offer rigid boxway construction with integral flame-hardened ways. Steinmeyer ETA+ dual-mounted ballscrews optimize machine stiffness and virtually eliminate reversal error. Rapid traverse is 1,000 ipm with a cutting feed rate as fast as 800 ipm. X-, Y- and Z-axis travel on the 3016 is 30" × 16" × 20". The 4020 increases the working envelope with X-, Y- and Z- axis travel of 40" × 20" × 20".


Applications range from die and mold machining to part production in the automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries.