VTC For Mid-Range Parts

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The VTC 1000 is said to bring shorter cycle times; modular machine-to-job matching; and live spindle, one-stop processing capability to mid-range vertical turning requirements. It combines fast turning speeds (630 rpm standard, 1,100 rpm optional) with enhanced C-axis positioning capabilities, the company says. A range of modules and options—1,000- or 1,250-mm tables; fixed or adjustable rails; various travels and heights under the rail; a turret head option; and choice of tool magazine capacities—allow configuration for standard turning, hard turning, live spindle machining and cutting on multiple sides for a range of part sizes.  

The turning center is designed for jobs shops; bearing manufacturers; valve and pump makers; automotive and aerospace contractors; and other producers of large, turned parts. It features a platform measuring 13.2 ft × 13.6 ft to save floor space and accommodates loads weighing 5,000 lbs or more. According to the company, ergonomic design allows 1,300-mm swing capacity, wide operator access to parts and easy crane loading. The turning center can be configured for under-the-rail heights ranging from 1,200 to 1,700 mm to accommodate a combination of pallet depths and workpiece heights. Floor-level design eliminates the need for special foundations and simplifies the loading of parts, tooling and accessories, the company says. The machine delivers 100-hp peak power, 75-hp continuous power (84/56 kW) and maximum table torque of 12,623 foot-pounds (17,113 Nm).

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