Water Jet Cutting System

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Available in two models, the pure water or abrasive cutting model, the Hydro-Jet Eco 1005 system is said to offer clean cutting of a range of materials.

According to the company, the “clean cutting” produced by the water jet system virtually eliminates the incidence of thermal or mechanical stress to the workpiece. Dust, smoke or fumes in the workplace are reduced, along with burrs, thus decreasing the need for rework.

The pure water model is useful for cutting materials such as rubber, plastic, foam and paper, while the abrasive model is designed to cut aluminum, steel, marble and compound materials. With software included, both units incorporate servomotors and drives, which feature programming via an integrated PC control with graphic interface.

The work area measures 20” × 40,” and has a positioning accuracy of 0.004.” Other specifications include a repeatability of 0.002”; feed rates as high as 240 ipm; and an operating pressure of 22,000 psi.


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