Water-Resistant Digital Calipers and Micrometers

Increasingly, manual measuring instruments need to be protected from dirt, temperature variations and water spray during everyday use. To meet these needs, Mahr Federal has introduced a line of Digital Calipers and Micrometers to promote precise measurements under difficult conditions. The line includes three MarCal EW series digital calipers and the Mahr 40 EW and 16 EW digital micrometers.


The water-resistant MarCal EW series is designed for use in extreme production environments. Built for durability, the line features resistant materials in the casing and keyboard, in addition to a fluid protection system for safeguarding sensitive electronic components.


Models are available in sizes ranging from 6" (150 mm), 8"(200 mm) and 12"(300 mm). All models are available with or without a thumbwheel, an accessory that helps maintain constant gaging force. Additionally, users can select from two depths in rod designs. According to the company, the round rod style facilitates measurement of depths with limited access, while a flat rod style provides added stability for longer measurements.


All calipers feature dirt wipers integrated into the slide, lapped guide ways, and hardened stainless steel slide, beam, and inside/outside measuring blades.


A reference lock function is said to promote reliable zero setting while preventing errors during operation. This function prevents users from mistakenly zeroing the device.


A variation of the caliper design is the MarCal 30 EW digital depth gage, which has all of the features found in the caliper line. Similarly, models are available in ranges from 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm) and 12" (300 mm).


Rounding out the line of water resistant hand tools are the 16 EW and 40 EW digital micrometers. Rated IP65 for dust and water resistance, these shop-hardened hand tools feature satin chromed steel frames with heat insulated holders, lapped carbide tipped anvils, hardened throughout spindles, rapid drives and integrated ratchets for repeatable measuring force.


The 16 EW is available with a measuring range from zero to 1" (0-25 mm), and it has design characteristics similar to the 16 EW caliper line.


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