Waterjet Line For EDM Machining

Built to work hand-in-hand with EDM technology, Mitsubishi's waterjet line is said to reduce production times in roughing and bulk material removal before finishing a product on an EDM machine. To enable the machines to work easily with EDM, each is fitted with a custom-made table for accepting tooling systems. The machines also feature a solid base construction and stainless steel tanks designed for easier maintenance and cleaner cutting conditions.


The waterjet series is available in three different models: the two- or three-axis Classica, the four-axis Suprema and the five-axis Evolution. The Classica features 2D CAD/CAM software with nesting capabilities and accuracy and repeatability of ±0.004". The Suprema's Intelligent Tapering Control (ITC) automatically corrects cut taperings and can achieve ±0.001" wall straightness in half-inch-thick steel. The Evolution 3D system features a rotation point device that maintains the distance between the workpiece and nozzle, protecting the nozzle from flat work to a contoured interpolation of ±69 degrees.


Mitsubishi Electric powers the waterjets, which use Mitsubishi 700 Series controls and dedicated Nano controls. Operators control the machines on 15", waterproof screens featuring NC design.