Waterjet Offers Precision, Speed, Flexibility

Omax’s 60120 JetMachining Center features a high-efficiency pump and a motorized Z axis.

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Omax’s 60120 JetMachining Center features a high-efficiency pump and a motorized Z axis. The waterjet is designed to provide accuracy and quick turn-around on a range of production runs without tool changes or complex fixturing. The machine is said to provide smooth surface finishes that can eliminate the need for secondary machining. 
The abrasive waterjet is the smallest of the company’s bridge-type machines. It features X-Y cutting travel of 3.2 × 1.5 m (10 ft. 6" × 5 ft. 2") and is capable of cutting parts from stock material measuring as large as 1.5 × 3 m (5 × 10 ft.). Intelli-Trax linear drives provide positioning accuracy of ±0.076 mm (0.003"). The drives are fully enclosed inside coated steel covers for protection in harsh environments.
The EnduroMax pump delivers more than 90 percent of the electrical-input power to the cutting nozzle. According to the company, this provides higher cutting speeds than pumps with similar motor sizes and power consumption.
The standard Intelli-Max software suite runs on the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. The software calculates the velocity of a tool path over 2,000 points per inch for complete motion control and precise, rapid machining, the company says. The software is said to automate most programming and tool setup.

Accessories include an electrically operated, motorized Z axis for precise nozzle positioning. This provides 0.222 m (8.7") of travel and heads-up traverse to avoid obstacles. A “move all up” command enables the motorized Z axis to quickly move the nozzle out of the way after completing a tool path. Operators can pre-program the axis to follow vertical contours of parts and obstacles with the company’s 3D Path Editor software. They can also opt to program the axis with most other CAD/CAM software through a custom post-processor, the company says.   

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