Waterjet System Can Expand to Meet Business Growth

Flow International's Mach 4c waterjet is designed to optimize the production environment and the Mach 2b is designed to provide value.

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Flow International’s Mach 4c waterjet cutting system features an expandable modular design that ranges to 14 m (48 ft.) long. The system provides fast, accurate machine motion with zero backlash, the company says. Its ergonomic design improves operator convenience and productivity; lighting enhances workpiece visibility; and material and parts can be accessed by four sides for efficient abrasive removal.

The company’s Mach 2b waterjet features FlowMaster software that is specifically designed to optimize waterjet cutting. The system offers a robust mechanical design, solid steel casting construction and precision reciprocating ballscrews. It is available in a variety of table sizes and can be combined with a variety of the company’s pumps. 

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