Web-based Application Consolidates and Streamlines ESPRIT Customer Service

DP Technology, maker of ESPRIT software, has announced the introduction of the SupportWeb online customer support network, providing an efficient, accountable system for effectively handling technical support inquiries and software enhancement requests. The SupportWeb is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and is part of the ESPRITWeb, a private, secure website dedicated to serving the needs of the ESPRIT community.


The SupportWeb ensures the proper and timely resolution of technical inquiries and enables clear and effective communication between DP Technology (DP) technical staff and DP customers. Through the SupportWeb customers can report incidents, track incident status, and review the histories of closed incidents that remain archived in the system. SupportWeb’s implementation is evidence of DP’s ongoing commitment to providing ESPRIT customers with customer service and technical support that surpass expectations.


All DP technical support inquiries are channeled through the SupportWeb. If inquiries are received by DP by phone, email, or fax, they must be entered into the SupportWeb system before they can be addressed. The most direct way for customers to secure technical support is to report an incident themselves through SupportWeb. Customers benefit from describing the problem or question in their own words and easily attaching any associated computer files for full documentation.


When a customer reports a SupportWeb technical incident it is immediately routed to an administrator for review. The administrator assigns the incident to the appropriate application engineer, who becomes the incident “owner”. The designated application engineer is then responsible for communicating directly with the customer and providing a resolution. 


Occasionally resolving an incident requires the involvement of the R&D team. When this occurs, the incident is assigned to a product specialist who works with the application engineer and software developers to determine the most appropriate course of action. If the product specialist determines that software development is required for resolution, the SupportWeb “incident” becomes an “issue” on the DevelopmentWeb, the internal system that DP uses to track all software development activities. A customer whose incident has been sent to R&D will have access to the corresponding DevelopmentWeb issue to track R&D progress towards the issue resolution.


In addition to accessing the SupportWeb network, ESPRITWeb users can find the latest information on ESPRIT products and link to all ESPRIT online areas, including the ESPRIT Forum open discussion group and the ESPRIT Library.

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