Welded Steel Shell Furnaces

A line of Gas-Tight (GT) Protective Atmosphere furnaces is offered by the company as a low-cost alternative to retort-equipped furnaces.

The GT models are constructed with a welded heavy gauge sheet steel shell and a gasketed door assembly to provide a positive seal. The furnaces are designed to operate in either an inert or a flammable/combustible atmosphere at temperatures up to 2,100°F.

Because GT units provide a clean finish to most tool steels, the time and expense of machining parts is minimized.

Other construction features include lightweight firebrick or ceramic fiber insulation lining the chamber, a hearth plate to protect the floor and support the workload and coil-wound heating elements on the side walls.

The only accessories required to heat treat under inert atmosphere are a flowmeter and regulator. Units may operate under flammable atmospheres with additional required safety equipment.

Inlet pressure of 5 psi and a flow rate of approximately 10-15 volume changes per hour are recommended.

GT units are manufactured in 16 bench model sizes and 16 floor stand models. Chamber sizes range from 6" x 6" x 6" to 24" x 24" x 48". Dual chamber models are also available.

All furnaces are standard with digital temperature controls and are completely pre-wired, tested, pressure-checked and shipped ready for connection to customer's power and atmosphere supply.

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