Welding Environmental Systems


Lincoln Electric’s line of welding fume environmental systems now includes products ranging from stationary units to flexible arms to high-performance fume guns and complete central systems. The solutions address welding applications from single arc maintenance welding to multiple-arc welding shops.

The LFA 2.0 telescopic fume extraction arm is a low vacuum arm that provides ease of positioning in a small package, the company says. It has a 360-degree rotating hood and a range of 6.5 feet.

The Xtractor 3A, 5A and 10A are all high vacuum, automatic self-cleaning stationary units. The 3A unit has a motor size of 3.5 hp and an extraction capacity of 165 cfm. It can be used with up to three fume guns or two fume nozzles. The 5A has an 8.5 hp motor and an extraction capacity of 285 cfm, and it can be used with up to five fume guns or three fume nozzles, while the 10A has an extraction capacity of 475 cfm, two 8.5 hp motors, and can be used on applications with up to eight fume guns or five fume nozzles.

A final new product, the semiautomatic Xtractor fume gun for gas-shileded welding (MIG or GMAW), is a high vacuum fume extactor gun offered in 250 amp, 340 amp or 500 amp models.

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