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Siegmund welding tables

New Product Announcements From: 8/31/2012 MoldMaking Technology

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Strong Hand Tools® will show Siegmund Welding Tables, which feature a one-piece, five-face design with 25-mm thick reinforced steel plate for an extremely rigid and flat work surface with a load capacity of 3.5 tons and flatness within ± 0.3 mm (0.012”). Precision CNC machined, 25 mm diameter horizontal and vertical holes cover the five faces of the tabletop in a 100 mm grid pattern for optimal flexibility in the design and set-up of fixtures. Visible grid lines on the tabletop help the user align and position the workpiece for fixturing. A Diagonal hole pattern on the tabletop is available as an option. (The diagonal grid pattern provides 80 to 90 percent more work holes.)
All Siegmund Welding Tables feature a plasma nitriding finish for unsurpassed surface hardness, improved load capacity, long life, and protection against weld spatter and corrosion, the company notes. The nitriding treatment results in a beautiful tabletop finish that greatly increases table life through decreased wear and deformation.  
Strong Hand Tools will be at IMTS 2012 in Booth N-6276.

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