Wheel Grinder For High-Volume Production Environments

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Gleason offers the 300TWG threaded wheel grinding machine, which is designed for grinding cylindrical gears with diameters as large as 300 mm. Featuring multi-start wheels, the grinder uses high speed, direct-drive spindles and a Siemens CNC control equipped with the company’s software. It is also available with the company’s diamond-plated master dressing gear system, which is designed to quickly dress a multi-start grinding wheel regardless of the number of starts. According to the company, this makes the grinder useful for high-volume production environments. In addition, users can apply a compact, automatic CNC dressing unit just above the grinding head for conventional dressing with diamond-plated dressing discs. This feature is useful for the small batch requirements of job-shop or prototype production, the company says. The grinder can also be equipped with an automated two-station ring loader.

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